About Us

Wax Eye is a non-profitable organisation that is dedicated to providing high quality educational opportunities that inspires and equips people to develop their performance and personal potential. The society will provide a range of sports & educational activities and programs within a friendly, fair, disciplined and creative environment which respects diversities, commitment and new ideas.


The Wax Eye Sports and Performing Arts school of excellence advances the opportunity for community growth through social interaction, family participation and a safe learning environment.


Community diversity is the soul of New Zealand people. Partnerships between different ethnic groups open effective pathways for interaction between genders, youth, adults and community leaders. We determined the best way forward for lasting change is to have local people lead those local programs, because they understand cultural nuances and their local needs best. We added a focus on the whole child — not just physical needs, but emotional and social ones, as well.

The purpose of this society is to advance education, and be beneficial to the community by engaging people in activities that promote health, excellence, sportsmanship, self esteem and community integration.